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I Touch Dimmer Brightness Control LED Dimmer Switch 1keys 12V-24V Light Switch Adjustment

I Touch Dimmer Brightness Control LED Dimmer Switch 1keys 12V-24V Light Switch Adjustment

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The universal monochrome LED dimmer can be turned on / off, and the brightness of any 12VDC or 24VDC LED product can be reduced from 10% to 100% by using a PWM circuit. Touch induction control full intensity adjustment range and on / off control. The maximum load is 3 amperes, and the 5.5mm cylinder power connector with male head and female head is used to connect the CPS series power supply.

-Item name:Itouch LED dimmer
-Supply voltage: DC12~24V
-Output current: 4A
-Working temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
-Output 1 channel
-Product size: (L)300x(W)20x(H)10mm
-Net Weight: 30g
-Output Power:48W(12V)/96W(24V)

1:The finger touches dimmer plastic body
2:The touch time is less than 3 second,it is on/off switch function
3:The touch time is less than 3 second, it is dimming funtion ,the brightness will be raise to highest or fallen to lowest

Package Include:
1 X LED Dimmer Touch Switch

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